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Falls Church Library Renovation Extends $2 Million Over Budget

The Mary Riley Styles Public Library in Falls Church is reporting $2 million in unforeseen expenses for its upcoming renovation project. The city is working to revamp the history room and add 3,174 square feet, along with new features to the aging Mary Riley Styles Public Library (120 N. Virginia Avenue). Voters approved the estimated $8.3 million budget in […]

Falls Church Officials Continue Work on Affordable Housing With New Guidelines

Falls Church city officials say now that housing guidelines have been updated, the real work begins. On Aug. 12, the City Council unanimously voted in favor of new affordable housing and demographics chapters as the city staff works to update its Comprehensive Plan. “Revisiting the city’s zoning ordinances is an appropriate thing to do to make […]

Falls Church Mayor: Federal Tax Law Change is Hurting Residents

The City of Falls Church mayor is fighting a federal tax law change that he warns will put a strain on local residents. In December 2017, Congress passed a new law that limits the amount of state and local taxes (SALT) that people can deduct from their federal income tax return to $10,000. Known as the SALT deduction […]

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